SCL040 Stone Classic The Symphony Collection

Hospitality. Healthcare. Contract, Education. Marine, Automotive, RV and Residential

General Specifications
Width: 54″
Weight: 29 Ounces per Linear Yard
Backing: 100% Brushed Polyester Knit

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Stone Classic The Symphony Collection
Performance Specifications
Abrasion Resistance-Mildew Resistance-Anti-Bacterial
Anti-Microbial-Ultra Violet Resistance-Cold Crack
Stain Resistance-Sulfide Stain Resistance
500.000+ Double Rubs per ASTM D 4157-10
Wyzenbeek I CFFA-1A
Pass per ASTM G21-09 (2002) I CFFA-120
Pass per AATCC 147-2004 I CFFA-300
Pass per ASTM G21-09 (2002) I CFFA-120
500 Hours per ASTM G154 I CFFA-2
-20° F per FTMS 191 A TM58741CFFA-6a-2007
with Resilience SR

Flammability Requirements*
California Fire Code Technical Bulletin No. 117. Section E
UFAC Class 1 – BIFMA
NFPA 260 – MVSS 302
Boston Fire Department Code Test BFD-I X-1
Port Authority of New York I New Jersey
IMO A.652 (16) 8.2 and 8.3
ASTM E84: Class 1 or A Rating
May Comply with California 133 when Tested with Suitable Components

Cleaning Instructions
Stain Resistant CFFA-141
Grading: Class 5 – Excellent;
Class 4- Good; Class 3 – Fair;
Class 2 – Poor; Class 1 – Very Poor
Ketchup 5, Mayonnaise 5, Soy Sauce 5, Butter 5, Tea 5, Whiskey 5,
Coffee 5, Soda 5, Blood 5, Urine 5, Iodine I Betadine 5, Mascara 5,
Suntan Lotion 5, Hairspray 5, Lipstick 5, Liquid Foundation 4.5,
Motor Oil 5
Prompt cleaning is always recommended. Ordinary dirt and stains can be removed with a mild soap and water. Rinse the cleaned area with clean water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Classic will resist. without serious discoloration. the repeated actions of normal dilutions of non-abrasive chlorine or ammonia-based cleaners.