518375 Bamboo Grand Sierra Boltaflex Contract Vinyl

Though our upholstery can be used in many applications, customers are responsible for
selecting an upholstery with attributes that meet the requirements of the specific
end-use application – not all upholstery is suitable for all applications.
Applications: Indoor/Outdoor
•Healthcare and Dental
•RV and Marine

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Distinguished by superior performance, Grand Sierra has been a mainstay in hard working interiors for many years.
This heavy weight, 36 oz. upholstery features the industry leading PreFixx protective finish.
It is bleach cleanable and has been engineered to be cleaned and disinfected with a wide variety of chemical
cleaners without worrying about discoloration or damage to the upholstery finish when the recommended
cleaning process is followed.

Bamboo Grand Sierra Boltaflex Contract Vinyl
Content: 100% vinyl face, polyester knit backing
Finish: PreFixx® protective finish for increased stain resistance and easy cleaning.
Bleach cleanable and may be disinfected with a variety of hospital grade
disinfectants without discoloring or damaging the finish. Disinfection does not
replace the need for regular care and maintenance.
Width: 54″
Weight: 36 oz. / lin. yd.

Performance Requirements:
Meets or exceeds ACT® Performance Guidelines
Also meets or exceeds:
•BIFMA, Class A
•Boston Fire Dept. IX-1
•California Technical Bulletin 117-2013, Section 1
•FAR 25.853A
•Federal Standard CID A-A-2950-A
•IMO Part 8 Upholstered Furniture 3.1 Smoldering Cigarette
•IMO Part 8 Upholstered Furniture 3.2 Propane Flame
•NFPA 701 Small Scale
•NFPA 260, Class 1
•NY/NJ Port Authority
•UFAC Fabric, Class 1
•Fungal resistance ASTM G-21-13
•Bacterial resistance AATCC 147-2011 & AATCC 100-2004