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How To Order Leather

Leather is sold by the hide on a square foot basis. Whole hides generally run approximately 45-55 sq. ft.
Equivalents of leather square footage to 54 inch wide fabric goods are shown below:

[17 sq. ft. =1 yd]   [51 sq. ft. = 3 yds]   [85 sq. ft. = 5 yds]   [119 sp. ft. = 7 yds]   [153 sq. ft. = 9 yds]
[34 sq. ft. = 2 yds]   [68 sq. ft. = 4 yds]   [102 sq. ft. = 6 yds]   [136 sq. ft. = 8 yds]   [170 sq. ft. = 10 yds]

Cutting Instructions For Genuine Leather

A hide of genuine leather is natures product and care must be exercised in cutting one. Leather should always be cut face up. The diagram shows various areas of the hide, which should be used as fallows:

SECTION A - Should be used in cutting seat tops, inside backs, cushion bands and other sections that will see the most strain and use. This is the prime portion of the hide.

SECTION B - Should be used for outside arms, backs or any other parts of the sat that receives little or no flexing.

How To Care For Leather

Leather is one of the most durable materials available,, but it is not indestructible. Wipe it occasionally with warm water and non-alkaline soap; no polishes, waxes or saddle soap are necessary. The oils are sealed in, buffing with soft cloth is all the polishing it needs.
Average hide size: 45-55 sq. ft.